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      A Survey of Expo 2010 ShanghaiChina

      A Survey of Expo 2010 ShanghaiChina

      Expo 2010ShanghaiEditorial Office









































      Orient Press



      The logo for Expo 2010 Shanghai China: the form is the Chinese character""(meaning the world), which depicts three person holding arms together and a happy and harmonious family and it can also be interpreted as the whole mankind in a general sense including you, me and him/her. The pursuit for a happy and harmonious life and the concept of Understanding, Communication, Reunion and Cooperation and the human-based concept for Expo 2010ShanghaiChinaare all reflected in this logo.   
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      A Survey of Expo 2010ShanghaiChina/ Expo 2010 Editorial Office

      Shanghai: Orient Press 20089(20091 reprint)

      ISBN 978—7—80186—898—5   

      IS IChina…IIShanghai…IIIExpositionShanghai 2010 IVG245

        China Library CIP data (2008) No.130860

      A Survey of Expo 2010ShanghaiChina

      Publisher: Orient Press

      Address: 345 Xianxia Road Shanghai City

      Telephone: 021-62417400

      Postal Code: 200336

      Distributor: Xinhua Bookstores all overChina

      Printer: Shanghai Donghua Commercial United Co. Ltd

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      Word count: 98,000

      The number of sheets printed: 5.75

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      Impression: 5,101-12,000

      Edition: first edition in September 2008, second printing in January 2009

      ISBN 978-7-80186-898-5

      Price: 25.00 yuan

      All rights reserved; any infringement will incur punishment.




      Expo 2010 Affairs Coordinating Bureau

      Address:WorldExpositionBuilding,3588 East Pudding Road,Shanghai,China

      Postal code: 200125

      Telephone: 86-21-22062010 (operator)

      Fax: 86-21-22060670










         Full TitleThe World Exposition Shanghai China 2010

          Short TitleExpo 2010ShanghaiChina

          Expo 2010

          The Exposition

          The Expo

          TypeA Registered International Exhibition to Bureau

          International des Expositions

          TimeFrom May 1,2010 to October 31,2010

          ThemeBetter City, Better Life

          Site528 km2


      The mascot for Expo 2010 Shanghai China--HAIBA0: it is based on the concept Chinese character Ren (meaning ‘human’), which reflects the feature of Chinese culture and echoes the design concept of logo for Expo 2010 Shanghai China . 

      Hair: like the rolling waves, lively and distinct and explains the regional feature and origin for the mascot.

      Face: the simple cartoon expression, friendly and full of confidence.

      Eyes: big, round eyes, full of expectation for the future.

      Blue: encompassing, imaginative, symbolizingChinafull of hope and potential.

      Body: round body, showing the beautiful feelings for harmonious life, cute and lovely.

      Fist: the thumb is raised to praise and welcome friends from the entire world.

      Legs: stand firm on the ground and give strong support to the embracing arms and predict thatChinahas the capability and determination to hold a wonderful world exposition.

      The Chinese character Rens(means people) structure also reveals the concept that beautiful life needs to be created by you and me. Only by supporting each other, human beings and nature, human beings and society and people among themselves can exist harmoniously. And city life can become better.   


      Expo 2010ShanghaiChinais a grand exposition for the whole mankind and is hosted by the Chinese government and organized byShanghaimunicipal government. This is the first time that a world exposition that is registered in the international exposition bureau is hosted in a developing country. As forChina, hosting 2010 world exposition provides a platform for communication and cooperation with various countries and is also an important opportunity to enhance communication with other countries and cultures and learn from the world.

      According to the promise made by the Chinese government during its application for the host of 2010 world exposition, it will invite 200 countries and organizations to attend Expo 2010and has become the largest international exposition in its history. Under the leadership of the Party central committee, state council and organizing committee of the exposition, the foreign ministry, department of commerce,Shanghaimunicipal government and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, together with the chief delegate of Chinese government, form the 4+1 international exposition bidding mechanism and conduct the international exposition bidding work. On March 22, 2006, Premier Wen Jiabao signed the official invitations and sent them to 168 countries that have diplomatic relations withChina. It signifies that the bidding work for 2010 Expo 2010has been launched on a full scale. Until February 4, 2009, countries and organizations that have confirmed to attendShanghaiexposition have exceeded the original plan and reached 231 and made a record on the world exposition’s history.   

      In 2010, people from all over the world will gather in Expo 2010and look to the bright future of this city centering on theBetterCity, Better Life theme. She shall be the grand meeting to discuss the beautiful life of this city; she shall be a symphony whose main theme is Creativity and Integration; she shall be a wonderful dialogue in the process of human civilization; she shall be the stage for mutual understanding, communication, gathering and cooperation.    



       I. Basic Information about Expo 2010



      On December 2, 2002,Shanghaiwon the right to host Expo2010 in the 132nd meeting of The BIE (Bureau of International Expositions). World Expo is an important stage for people all over the world to summarize historical experiences, exchange wisdom, display cooperation and look forward to the future development. In 2010, world exposition will be held inChinafor the first time and the 150-year old world exposition s Pavilion  meet the ancient Chinese civilization in Expo 2010.    


      The aim for Expo 2010 is to attract 200 countries and international organizations, 70 million visitors, 25 cooperation partners and sponsors as well as the social public to participate. The number of attending countries, organization and visitors shall make a new record in the history of world exposition.    


      World Expo belongs to the whole mankind and the Organizer of Expo 2010 work together with The BIE, other countries and international organizations to make Expo2010 aSuccessful, Excellent and Unforgettable Expo.


          In accordance with the nature, scale and time, Expo 2010can be divided into two categories. One is the registered world exposition, that is, Comprehensive World Exposition and it has comprehensive themes and rich contents and the time usually is 6 months and is held every 5 years. The other is the recognized world exposition, that is, Professional World Exposition and the theme is rather professional and the time is usually 3 months and is held between two registered world expositions. Expo 2010ShanghaiChinabelongs in the category of registered world exposition.

      3 Site selection

      The address for Expo 2010is in the riverside area betweenNanpuBridgeandLupuBridgeand is laid out along both sides of theHuangpuRiverin the urbanShanghai. The land for Expo 2010is mainly situated in both sides of theHuangpuRiverandBailianjinRiverin Pudong district goes directly into theHuangpuRiverand makes the site of Expo 2010 water-intimate. 

      The planned area for world exposition is 5.28 km²s, among which 3.93 km²s is in the Pudong district and 1.35 km²s is in the Puxi district. The fenced zone (for ticket use)is 3.28 km²s and the affiliated area is 2 km²s.


      4Time Span

      Expo 2010 lasts for 6 months. It starts on May 1, 2010 and ends on October 31, which is altogether 184 days.

      The half-year-long exhibition can offer many people, especially visitors from afar to visit the exhibition on different occasion and time. During the world exhibition, there are many celebrating and local activities to enhance the festivity on the celebration day and national and international holiday.  

      5Ticket Information

      The Organizer of Expo 2010draw on the successful experiences of ticket sales of past world expositions and integrate them with Expo2010’s own features and China’s actual situation, They put forward the ticket sales programs for Expo 2010, set up different types of ticket to ensure a successful world exposition in 2010.

      There are 2 categories and 9 types of tickets for Expo 2010. Two categories refer to the Individual and Group tickets. The former can be further divided into set-date ticket and regular day ticket. The set-date ticket can be divided into regular set-date ticket and discounting set-date ticket and the regular ticket can be divided into regular ticket and regular discounting ticket, 3 times ticket, 7 times ticket and night ticket. The group ticket can be divided into regular group ticket and student group ticket.            

      The standard ticket price for Expo 2010 is 160 RMB. The sales of tickets include pre-expo sale and in-session sale and the pre-expo sale starts on March 27, 2009. Buyers can enjoy discount within the pre-expo sale time. 

      Expo 2010 shall be sold through self-management, designated agency and travel agencies. Expo 2010Bureau shall post the relevant ticket information on the official website of Expo 2010and the public can consult the latest ticket information through the official website for Expo 2010 www.expo2010china.com and the hotline for world exposition service.












      II. Theme and Theme Development for Expo 2010




          The theme for Expo 2010isBetter City, Better Life but Expo 2010doesn't have a theme from the very beginning. Early expositions are exhibited within the garden area in accordance with its category. Until 1933, the Chicago World Exposition started the theme-centered exhibition pattern and connects all the exhibiting stands with the theme A Century’s Progress and since then theme became the core of every exposition. After 1933, every exposition has a clear and modern theme.


      1Theme and Subtheme

          The theme for Expo 2010 isBetter City, Better Life and there are five subthemes below the theme: Integration of Multiple cultures in the City, Economic Prosperity of the City, Scientific Approach of the City,RebuildingCityCommunities and Interaction of City and Village.





      The theme for Expo 2010 reflects mankind’s common aspiration for the beautiful life in the city in future and the attention that international community pays to the making of future policies, city strategy and sustainable development. We may say, Expo 2010ShanghaiChinawill be a grand meeting to discuss city life in the new century.

      City is the crystallization of human civilization and is also a life entity. She incorporates things of diverse nature and is all-embracing and constantly renewing and promotes the progress of human society and improvement of living standard. The longing and outlook for the future city life is a global task, whether in developed or developing countries, the topic of City can arouse people’s resonance.     


        As the first world exposition that has City as its theme, Expo 2010 shall answer people’s quest for Better City, Better Life with the concept of Harmonious City and build a model of Harmonious City. This concept includes Harmony between Man and Nature, Harmony between History and Future and Harmony among People. Within the 184 days in Expo 2010, countries and international organizations, cities, enterprises shall exhibit the fruits of city civilization, exchange experiences about city development, disseminate advanced city and explore a brand new mode for people in the new century to inhabit, live and work and provide a vivid example for the creation of a ecologically harmonious society and man’s sustainable d

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